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Prosciutto di
"Modena PDO"
Prosciutto di Modena PDO is made with the best fresh pork thighs from pigs born and raised in Italy.
After more than a year of processing, only the thighs that are found suitable deemed the Inspection Agency authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture, receive the PDO certification.
Careful selection of the meats, the time-honoured technique of using only proper amounts of sea salt as a preservative, and a lengthy maturation period make Prosciutto di Modena PDO delicately scented and sweet on the palate.
Prosciutto di Modena PDO is available with the bone and boneless.
Prosciutto di Modena with bone: Prosciutto di Modena disossato:
> Min. maturation - 14 months > Min. maturation - 14 months
> Weight - 8/10.5 kg > Weight - 6.5/8.5 kg
> Packaged in boxes containing 2-3 pieces > Vacuum packed in boxes containing 2-4 pieces



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