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The Prosciuttificio Nini has a long tradition of good taste.

The family-owned enterprise was founded in 1910 by Mario Nini, who started producing meat a century ago and, as early as 1926, was awarded a gold medal for his excellent cold cuts at the International Trade Fair in Rome.

The tradition and quality of the work begun by the founder has been carried on by his son, Gianfranco, for whom the prosciutto production centre is named.

Currently, the enterprise is run by the third generation of the family, which has inherited a century of experience in meat processing combined with modern production technology.

The production facility is located in Savignano sul Panaro, a traditional centre for the production of Prosciutto di Modena PDO and an ideal location for maturation on account of the natural ventilation provided by the Panaro River and the surrounding hills.

The company has been a member of the Consortium of the Prosciutto di Modena since 1969, and has a production capacity of about 30,000 hams a year.