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Our company has held the Bio IT BIO ICA H2269 certifcation issued by the Ethical and Environmental Certification Institute (ICEA) for several years.
We produce a small amount of hams that have been selected from Italian organic farms.
Originating from organically-raised Italian livestock, Organic Prosciutto is characterized by its lengthy aging process (at least 18 months) and by its decidedly pleasant aroma, and offers an ideal mix of traditional flavours.
Organic Prosciutto with bone: Boneless Organic Prosciutto:
> Min. maturation - 18 months > Min. maturation - 18 months
> Weight - 9/12 kg > Weight - 7/10 kg
> Packaged in boxes containing 2 pieces. > Vacuum packed in boxes containing 2 pieces.



... all of our products are free of preservatives ...